Weekly Polish ( Vinylux vs. Essie Couture)


Vinylux is the Weekly polish System that defies time. It gives week long wear, has a self-adhering colour coat and gives time-enhanced durability with exposure to natural light. Vinylux is a revolutionary weekly polish system offering durable, high-shine and week-long wear. Unlike no-chip gel colors it comes on and off like a regular color but lasts for much longer time. No need for UV or LED lights.

Essie Couture

Essie Gel CoutureĀ is a brand new line of nail polish. It features a new twirly bottle, a new twirly-stemmed paddle brush, and a two-step formula that encompasses base+colour and a shiny top coat. It has a similar concept to the Vinylux, where you use no top coat and it lasts 7-10 days on the nails depending on how hard you use your nails. Also comes off and on very easy, no need for LED or UV lights.

We have all of the 42 colors of the collection at our salon.

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